28 October 2011

What I've Been up To

My it's been such a busy time - too busy to do anything but work & sleep.  But things are slowing to a moderate pace of craziness right about now, & that's just how I like it!

Here's a peek of my goings on over the past couple of months:

Lots of time spent working the booth - our new home at the Alpharetta Queen of Hearts.  It's not easy downsizing from a shop to a booth, but I seem to be getting the hang of it. These are pic's of it's beginnings. 

Fortunately, things are selling, & the booth changes weekly.  Don't you wish your legs looked as good as those? 
I digress to more pleasurable activities as I view a garage full of projects waiting to be completed.  (My husband thought we lost the boat, but I found it.)
Another Fall show set-up.  This one was at the Braselton Antiques & Holiday Fair.  It's a sweet little venue with wonderful people. Unfortunately, the Country Living Fair decided to hold its annual show one the same weekend as this one - to Braselton's disadvantage.  There is talk of switching up the weekend so it won't conflict next year.  It's definitely worth putting on your calendar.  They also hold a spring show - something to look forward to!!!
Fall is such a perfect time for outdoor fairs & markets in Georgia.  The weather is crisp, cool, & the humidity is non-existant.  It's the perfect way to process some vitamin D before the winter blahs come next month.

Now I'm back to that garage full of projects.  Today promises to be a perfect day for such activities.


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