05 September 2011

Time for a China Upgrade

Happy Labor Day my friends! 

For me, today signals the beginning of the end of summer.  Time to put away the boat & bring out the fall decor.  I begin to think of chunky sweaters, my collection of vintage jackets, & my favorite pair of boots.  I can't wait to pull them out!  I also begin to store away my summertime furnishings in preparation for a more earthy palette for fall.

This seasonal metamorphisis happens slowly at first, as the outdoor chores become less & less and the indoor activities start to take over.  The daily details is where I first start to desire change.  This morning, for example, as I was making the coffee, I realized that my collection of coffee mugs, glasses, & barware has become an advertisement of every sporting event my husband has attended, along with leftovers from our four daughters post-teen/early adulthood experiences (beach trips, favorite coffee hangouts, etc.), and various freebie travel mugs.  Long gone is my favorite collection of glassware from Crate & Barrell, as it has slowly dwindled down to one glass.  It's time to donate & return my glassware to a more cohesive adult-oriented collection.

I have been pining to incorporate mid-century modern into my home - a traditional Colonial farmhouse filled with antiques & French Country.  But how to incorporate such stand-outs in a setting such as mine is a real quandry.  With this in mind, I've given myself permission to start my mid-century adventure with a new collection of china & glassware.  It's the perfect place to begin for the simple reason that it can quietly sit behind the cabinet door only to be pulled out for my own personal pleasure & won't stand out like a misfit.

To me, china is like artwork, it speaks to the individual and is a very personal thing -  a "treat" each time one choses a plate or glass. And like art, it's an expression that doesn't have to "fit in" to a specific design.


I really like the simplicity of this practical mug, & I would totally go for this; but I am looking for something truly inspirational - bold colors, geometric designs, & a contemporary style - a modern day Clarice Cliff or Susie Cooper.  Any suggestions?  Who are your favorites?


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