07 August 2011

Week/Year in Review

News Flash!  News Flash!  News Flash!

{Today's post is on a more personal note.  Sometimes it's just good to write down thoughts as one processes life.  You've been warned!!!}

Just as my life begins to settle into some bit of normalcy after a very eventful first half of the year, another huge event comes along to disturb my little piece of the world. It has been such an busy year for me - a decade of events slammed into the last four months! For those of you who haven't lived through it with me, this is the sequence of events thus far:

1)   leaving my "real" job to pursue my "dream" job in March
2)  grandbaby #2 in March
3)  daughter's wedding in May
4) another daughter's wedding in June

Big events each on their own; and all super fantastic things, no doubt. But it is more "joy" than one person can handle in such a short period of time! And each event took away precious time from me building my new business into something more than a part-time passion. 

With all the events now behind us, I was so looking forward to focusing on the business these last months of 2011. With my focus now on the biz, I began in mid-July by officially changing the name of our business, opening a new Facebook page, & starting this new blog. It was a risk after four years, I've lost followers from the social networks and followers of the shop; but the old name didn't really reflect what we have transitioned into - less of the stuffy antiques to more of the handmade, vintage, & repurposed. 

It took a few years for me to admit that I wasn't the serious antiques dealer I was trying to tell myself I was.  No, I'm a bohemian throwback from the 1970's who still loves living in that time period & what it stood for - fun, funky, organic, artsy, & a bit free. Once an empty nester, I realized that I didn't have to fill a role any longer & I could just be who I truly was. So here I am today & loving it!

So, name change & new social network sites off the "To-Do List." But just days after that occurs I learn the building I lease is being sold & my lease will not be renewed. I have two months to relocate! OMG!  Did I jinx myself by changing the name? Or was Karma on my side by urging me to change my name as I prepare for the road ahead? I tend to believe the latter.

My new shop definitely did not fit into my current location or the town it was located in - hubby & I had discussed this issue many times. I've been forced to make a change that absolutely needed to happen but would not have occurred at this point without outside forces pushing me to do so. It's bitter sweet, because losing my shop is like losing a child I've nurtured for the past four years. During the last two weeks I've gone through a mourning over the loss. However, the mourning period is over and it is time to make my exciting new plans. 

Change is good. I've always said that, and I believe in my heart that this change is going to put me in a place where I will thrive. It doesn't make it any easier as I sell, pack, & empty out the shop; but I am looking forward to what lies ahead & the new acquaintances I'll make in the process. I'll be moving my wares to the outer Atlanta areas and doing more shows. This is where I have always been most successful and feel most at home, so I look forward to it.

Change is good, & I can't wait for the new adventure!


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