01 August 2011

Projects In the Works

For the last week I have been working diligently on completing the unfinished projects which have accumulated in our garage.  It has been an arduous task but one I feel is near completion.  Yay!  Such a good feeling of accomplishment!

My projects are not yet complete, but oh so close.  Here's a peak at one of them in progress - the school locker:
This one has been oh so fun for me. We found this great six-tier locker in a local shop tucked behind a pile of rubble in a back room. According to hubby, it was just fine in its original condition; but what does hubby know? I found it to be too institutional in it's plain Jane shade of tan & felt it definitely needed a bit more character.  This was a perfect opportunity for some chalkboard paint! So that's what's happening with this one. 

Day one was sanding down that perfectly good enamel finish. Should I feel guilty???

Whew!  Lots of sanding! 

Day two was painting the trim & any areas where I won't use the chalkboard paint. I opted for a high gloss enamel to contrast with the matt finish of the chalkboard paint:

It's these small details that take up 90% of the work. 

Day three was another coat of enamel paint. 

Now that all the detail work is complete, I'll Frog tape to protect & apply the chalkboard paint to the door fronts & side panels. 

Don't you think this will be some seriously awesome storage in a mudroom? Or how about in a child's room to lock up their bootie?  It's gonna be amazing! 

Stay tuned!


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