02 August 2011

A Project Complete - Meet Miss Mary

Yay!  Finally, a project completed.  This was an easy one (relatively speaking), with only moderate sanding in addition to peeling layers of latex from the enamel undercoat, one coat of ASCP (paint), & a coat of wax.  I wish they were all this easy...  But one can dream. 

Today we are introducing a super sweet piece.  Meet Miss Mary.  Isn't she dreamy?

Useful Cupboard/Cabinet - Duck Egg Blue by {Home-o-logy}, $110.00
A bit worn & in need of some minor repair initially, it didn't take much to get her ready for her debut:

The simplicity of her lines keep her clean and fresh for any style room.  And she's a nice size to fit in a small space.  Another useful piece fit for any need. 

We always keep the details as original as possible.  Don't you just love her porcelain knob & old painted latch & hook?  She is going to make someone's space very special.

The ASCP creates a nice painted texture & depth, unlike the flatness of latex, & the addition of a waxed finish gives it a nice sheen. 

The creamy white interior is original to the piece

To keep her character, we kept the original interior intact with its minor discolorations.  Like any elegant lady, a few flaws show her character & life experiences.  We prefer it that way.

Introducing Miss Mary. 


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