08 August 2011

On Starting a Creative Business

A customer commented the other day about how eclectic my shop was and how much she loved how I was able to make it so cohesive.  (Thank you, by the way!)  She was hoping to start a business of her own and asked me how I came to develop my style. 

I had to stop & think for a moment because I had never truly though it out before.  I don't have a true "style."  I just do what I love & it seems to work.  But her comment hit a cord because over the past six months I've earnestly been transitioning my vision for the business - where my true passion lies and where I wanted to see the business  five years down the road.

Spending the first years experimenting with different areas of focus, I've ultimately developed and  tweaked my niche'. The clarity is there and goals are set, and her comment gave me confirmation that I am going in the right direction.  I truly love the feeling of being focused and seeing all the pieces come together.  And sometimes, when the stars are aligned just right (just kidding, folks), things go just as planned!

I can say, it definitely takes times to develop a vision.  And that vision changes often.  But that's okay - it means you are growing.  It also means that you are flexible to the changes of your business.  There are trials & errors, mistakes you hope to never make again, and those rare "ureka" moments that never would have occurred had  risks and chances not been taken.  It's a slow process - one that can't be rushed. 

The best advice I can give to someone starting a "creative" business is to take it on with all the energy & enthusiasm you have for your craft.  View it as an adventure.  The ups & downs are learning experiences and part of the process.  Use this time to develop, grow, & keep learning.  Never stop learning.



  1. great, great thoughts.....and the "never stop learning" is a motto of mine that I like to keep at the forefront of my mind daily. thanks for the positive thoughts today!


  2. and what an adventure it can be! I'm still working on developing my vision so thanks for these words of wisdom!
    BYW comment train:)


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