19 August 2011

"Miss Melamine's" Comeback

Over the past two years there seems to have been a lull in collecting, nothing new or exciting to search for on my hunts (sigh). It's so much more fun to scavenge when there is the chance I may come across a "hot" item - one I know will excite the hearts of all it who see it, cause jealousy among my collecting friends for having found it first, & will fly out the door once listed. Those, my friends, are the reasons I'm in this biz (aside from my love of repurposing & the kindred spirit I feel from others who are doing the same).

Alas, there is a new girl in town, & she is "H.O.T." She's causing a buzz everywhere she goes. Her name is Melamine. She's light, she's flirty, she's vibrant, & she is built to last! Have you seen her? She's in all the hottest spots & everyone wants her! Target has several new styles offered, & Paula Dean is working on her own line of dinnerware just to name two. But don't be decieved. This girl has been around the block before.  Originally created for the U.S. military in the 1940's, she quickly took off with the general public and gave the prestigious chinas a run for their money. It was a real "tour de force" between the two which lasted a solid 20 years before her popularity began to wane. Alas, all good things must come to an end. But now she's back. After 40 years, "Miss Melamine" has returned once again to cheering audiences!

If you prefer the original version rather than the new, you can find great vintage pieces online. This set is new in the box from 1960's. Never used, its the real deal. (So much more fun than new!) Don't you love the vibrant pop of colors in this set?


Paula Dean has a wonderful article on the history of "Miss Melamine" & how to care for it @  http://www.pauladeen.com/index.php/food_section_articles/view2/will_you_be_my_melamine/

If you like the look, melamine is a great collection to start - not too serious, very affordable, & can readily be found in all sorts of styles. A great collectible for the novice & expert alike. Happy hunting!



  1. The safety of Melamine is just too dangerous for me to consider it's use for my family. Under NO circumstances should you use it in your microwave.

    1. deb, i think i may have to agree with you. the more we learn about plastics, the less i want them in my home. thanks for taking the time to comment!



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