09 August 2011

The Bad With the Good

Another eventful day in the life of me... 

First thing this morning, I recieved an amazing haircut (yay!).  I went short after many years & am feeling pretty good about it.  Nothing lifts one's spirits better than a new 'do. 

After a great haircut, I happily head on my way to the shop ready to take on those bargain buyers looking for a deal. But what do I find? I find the shop in a flooded mess thanks to a new a/c unit the upstairs tennants had installed. Ugggh! This was not the stress I needed after so much stress the past few weeks! Tears rolling in an emotional breakdown did not stop the water from flooding into my shop & soaking my beloved things!  But there were many who came to my aid, and I am so grateful to them all for their help.  (Thank you!)

So now the shop is a total wreck. But I have decided to look on the bright side. The shop is closing, & in its current state, it just looks as if it is broken down for bargain sales. I think I'll keep it this way for the remaining months of its existence. 

As I am mopping & moving heavy pieces of furniture I begin to think of the uncertainty of my future in the business. I no longer am a shop owner, and I no longer have a home to sell my beautiful finds (enter the pity party).  Just as I am at my lowest, I receive a phone call.  The antiques shop I was hoping to be accepted in is calling me.  They like my inventory & have bumped my application up on the waiting list.  I have been invited to take residence in their shop!  With the bad comes the good - thank goodness for that!

I am feeling better & better about my future.  As stressful as it is, I feel confident I am on the verge of growing in many new ways with these changes.  Although I don't do well without definite guidelines & specifics plans, I have a great faith in my "gut instinct" - it is usually pretty spot on. 

Another growth spurt for a fledgling business.  It's all a part of the adventure!

Now, I have to apologize for not posting any befores & afters the past couple of weeks.  Much goings on have hindered my blogging.  However, I have some great projects finished & ready to go with me to Market this weekend.  I promise to post them once they are set up in my booth.  I must say I am pretty stoked about how they turned out.  Stay tuned for less of the pity party & more of the fun stuff.  Hang in there with me folks!


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