26 July 2011

Treat Me Tuesday - Vintage Marquee Letters

Last weekend's "hunt day" wasn't turning out to be very productive. I hit quite a few yard sales & an estate sale, but wasn't finding anything of interest. After reaching the "time to pack up & go home" mode, I reluctantly stopped at one last yard sale along the way. It didn't look to have much promise, unless you were in the market for a used Mercedes. But then I spotted a large beaten up cardboard box folded shut & tucked under a table. I had a hunch there was potential in there, so I boldly asked the owner if the box was for sale & what was in it. 

As she uncovered the contents of the box I heard angels singing. Hey, it happens! It was packed full of old vintage marquee letters. I've been searching for letters for quite a while, so I was giddy to have found them & grateful that I stopped at the last minute. I gleefully paid the kind lady & went on my way. I have many projects where I can use these lovely little beauties. But they are pretty awesome simply used in their original form. A group of old mismatched vintage letters hanging on a wall is just plain cool when they make a random word or statement. And a single letter as an initial is also really fun when perched on a bookshelf or incorporated into a vignette.

These have been used & have a nice worn patina to them in their original condition. However, I couldn't help but paint & distress a few just to see how they would turn out. Annie Sloan's chalk paint works fabulously on these & gives them a nice chalky warm patina as if they have been sitting in the hot sun for years. I really like them both ways & think I'll offer the option of unpainted & painted. 

If you just have to have some before I put them out on the floor of the store, I am offering them up for sale here first as a perk for reading my blog. Send me a comment requesting the specific letters you are after, & we'll go from there. Just remember, I have a multitude of letters, but they are limited to what was in the box. That's the fun of vintage finds.

If you're looking for some good signage for you wall or a few for your next creative project, we've got your letter!


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  1. Wow, what a great find! Bet you left that sale smiling. Hope you enjoy them for awhile before passing them on.


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