20 July 2011

Treat Me Tuesday - Feed Sacks

Vintage Feed Sacks

They are such a hot commodity right now. From pillows to furniture coverings, they can be seen all around the design & DIY blog world.  And who can blame them? They're fun, versatile, & anything they cover seems look instantly fabulous! I love them so much that I am going to pull out my old (new, used once) sewing machine & attempt to create something beautiful! I don't have high expectations since I am utterly terrified of the sewing machine; but, I'm going to give it a try. Perhaps I can, one day, create a beautiful chair such as this one:
Vintage Feed Sacks via Home-o-logy $6-12 each
I recently purchase a large collection of feed sacks for the shop - some burlap, some cotton. The better ones have gone into the shop & are up for grabs; however, there were others that had damag. They will be perfect for small pillows, etc. I'm going to keep those & see what we can create.

Another look I love, not because they are no-sew but because of their rustic simplicity, are the burlap sacks stuffed with the old feather pillows.  When placed on your garden furniture, they add a rustic warmth that just invites one to stop & sit for a while.  A fabulous looking repurposed item!


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