18 July 2011

I Think It's the One!

Well, after several tries (thank you, my fellow followers, who have kept up with me & my past indecision!), I think I've finally found the perfect name to describe my antiques/vintage/repurposed retail shop.  Welcome to {Home-ology} modern vintage, the study of living vintage in a modern world. 

I am excited to have finally found a name that perfectly describes me.  It is exactly how I define myself & how I define my style - modern with a vintage twist.  The modern, because we never want to be out-of-touch, & the vintage, because we always want to preserve a little of the past.

The world as I know it seems to constantly change at speeds I find hard to keep up with.  New technology makes the old technology obselete in the blink of an eye.  In my world, I balance this constant change from the outside by creating a warm, inviting haven to retreat to - my home.

My home is filled with the most current electronics & up-to-date necessities; however, they are incorporated into my home in a way that takes advantage of the antiques I have inherited, vintage finds I have acquired, & those items I repurpose in a way to make them functional for today's needs.

If your lifestyle is based on simplicity, beauty, modern, & vintage, I hope you will follow me.  My goods are based on this philosophy, & I promise not to disappoint!


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