21 July 2011

Industrial Cabinet - Before & After

I usually take Thursday & Friday off from the shop to allow me to either shop (yay) or work on the multitude of projects that need refurbishing or repurposing. On these two days you'll either find me antiquing, scouring yard sales, or in the garage up to my elbows in projects at various stages of completion. I usually have on one of hubby's left-over dress shirts, a pair of comfy yet paint splattered sweatpants, & a pair of old Crocs. My hair is usually pulled back in a bandana or in a cap.  Sweet, huh? Not the picture I like to portray, but reality...  and I'm completely happy with it!

On these two days you'll probably see me blogging about my works in progress, along with before & afters.  This Thursday I'm going to replay a before & after of a great metal cabinet I recently refurbished.

industrial metal storage cabinet

Isn't he handsome? I haven't completely committed to the glass knobs. Although good-looking, he might be more attractive with nickle or pewter. What do you think? Should the glass knobs stay or go?

restored grey metal cabinet

He wasn't so pretty when I salvaged him in his industrial beige, loaded with grunge highlighting his age. But he was built to last, and last he did, humbly withstanding 70+ years of neglect & abuse. Even the plastic veneered paper pulp top was worthy of re-using, but I felt he deserved something a bit more refined - so I splurged on a custom cut glass top.

Tons of work go into refurbishing these pieces; but when you consider the durability of the older metal furniture, they are definitely worth the time & effort. This piece has had a complete facelift & will no doubt last another lifetime or two. 

I was so happy to have salvaged this cabinet. Cabinets of this size make "neat" looking night stands (neat, as in clean lines), not to mention they are ideal for utilitarian spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, & laundry/mud rooms. They offer great storage in a nice compact space.

Another great refurbished piece saved from the landfill - yay!!!


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